The Breitkopf Award

Judge Breitkopf

The Honorable Herman L. Breitkopf, Aug. 8, 1924 – Dec. 21, 2013.

This award is presented annually to that trial lawyer who most embodies the characteristics exemplified by Judge Breitkopf throughout his distinguished legal career. They include honesty, integrity, intelligence and an unwavering concern for the welfare of both the bar and of its members.

Past winners

(Past Winners from top left:  James D. Martin, Esq., Alan I. Dunst, Esq., Anthony Vignuolo, Esq., Robert Goodman, Esq., Thomas E. Lenahan, Esq. Bottom left:  Peter J. Hendricks, Esq., The Honorable C. Judson Hamlin, J.S.C. (ret.), Richard J. Levinson, Esq., Richard Badoloto, Esq.) (not pictured:  Morris Brown, Esq., Michael Lombardi, Esq., Jack Simons, Esq., Frank Cofone, Jr., Esq., The Honorable John E. Keefe, Sr., P.J.A.D. (ret)).

2018 Winner, Kathleen S. Murphy, Esq. with The Honorable Owen C. McCarthy

2005 Morris Brown, Esq
2006 Alan I. Dunst, Esq.
2007 Richard J. Levinson, Esq.
2008 James D. Martin, Esq.
2009 Michael Lombardi, Esq.
2010 Richard Badoloto, Esq.
Robert Goodman, Esq.
2011 Thomas E. Lenahan, Esq.
2012 Peter J. Hendricks, Esq.
2013 Jack Simons, Esq.
2014 The Honorable C. Judson Hamlin, J.S.C. (ret.)
2015 Frank Cofone, Jr., Esq.
2016 The Honorable John E. Keefe, Sr., P.J.A.D. (ret.)
2017 Anthony Vignuolo, Esq.
2018 Kathleen S. Murphy, Esq.